21st century funerals

We have been radically rethinking the whole concept of funerals, so much so that our concept could be called ‘Funerals Version 2.0’. We have made innovations that will help you save money and have provided necessary upgrades to the funeral business. Here are some of our special characteristics:


  • The Hearse 
    An old-fashioned hearse is extremely expensive: a limousine has to be cut in half, extended, and have its roof raised. As you can see above, we use a beautiful, simple vehicle created to fit perfectly for the job.
  • The Interview Room
    Another reason for our low prices is that we have given up the special interviewing room that undertakers use. Instead, we meet you wherever you wish, even a café. We will be happy to give a nice cup of coffee or tea.
  • The Office
    We also dropped the idea of the ordinary office. Instead, we digitalized it and packed it into an iPad, meaning the office comes with us.  This also allows us to nicely present our visual materials and the necessary forms to arrange the funeral that best suits your needs and wishes.

“we have NOT cut back on the good personal service.
we are with you all the way.”


  • Transparency
    We give our customers in-depth information about all that concerns them. All our prices – opposite common practice – are available on our price listWe do not hide costs behind complex offers; we openly advertise what we believe to be fair prices. We also inform our customers about the (low) discounts we receive from our subcontractors.
  • Integrity
    We can be trusted and practice fairness. For instance, unlike common practice, we do not receive a high percentage from our stonemason when we pass on a customer to them. Instead of us taking the money, we have reached an agreement with our partner to give our customers at least 25% discount on the gross costs!
  • Data Handling
    We treat your data with great caution. For instance, when we have received payment, we will inform you that we have deleted all your information¹.
  • Environment
    We have made a concerted effort towards environmental sustainability. Our hearse runs on petrol – not diesel (as is common practice) – and the manufacturing process is not nearly as extensive as that of making a limousine hearse. We have not built offices and interview rooms and, therefore, do not use energy to keep them running. We also keep our paper use reduced to a minimum.
  • Customer Service
    There are many good undertakers out there, but their prices are too high. We are still among the best – but at a fair price!

“the loss of a loved one is very often a painful event.
our aim is to give you a good experience –
even though you are in the middle of a bad one”.

1) However laws of accounting demand that the invoice is being kept for five years, but this will be without any civil registration number.

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